AIM – Altruistic Improvements & Modifications is a collective of locally established, fully insured and respected tradespeople based in Poole, Dorset, who have come together with a single, unified goal.

That goal is for us to offer a free building service and expertise to families with life-limited children.

AIMs tradespeople are all caring and loving parents themselves who know the trials and tribulations of raising our children as well as the unbridled joys it brings.

One philosophy unites us all: to help other people who need and deserve support.

The service we would like to offer to families is to provide completely free advice, expertise and skilled labour for improving or modifying their homes to enable them to better care for their child/children. Whether it be converting an unpractical/outdated bathroom into a modern, user friendly wetroom; modifying a kitchen for wheelchair access; creating an inspiring and stimulating playroom or to transform a modest bedroom into a relaxing, warm and comforting place to sleep…we would love to help.

We feel there is a valuable need and place for people with an altruistic mindset within society to help others. We hope that word of our collective will inspire others to identify ways in which they can also help.

Pete Scott 01202735212 / 07715112594